Cardiff (Tiger Bay)

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Cardiff Bay Before BarrageAs I was growing up in Swansea, I used to hear many tales of Tiger Bay, also known as Cardiff Bay/ Docks). It was given the slang name "Tiger Bay" by sailors because it was considered a dangerous place to be. During my youth in the 1960s, Tiger Bay was a place where it was rumoured that even the police were nervous on patrol and walked around in pairs.

However, dangerous or not, Tiger Bay has produced one of the world's most famous singing stars, Shirley Bassey, who to this day has such a powerful voice that listening to a live performance in Cardiff's St. David's Hall makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.

Cardiff Bay Quayside In 1990, a controversial decision was made to build Europe's largest barrage right across Cardiff Bay, which meant that water would be permanently in and around the quays and the unsightly mudflats at low tide (see first picture above) would disappear. But the problem with that, claimed the objectors was that the many wading birds would also disappear but the developers dismissed their argument by saying that there were plenty of mudflats available for the birds further a long the coastline.





 Cardiff Bay Norwegian Church




Thus,Tiger Bay became the largest coal port in the world in its heyday, which attracted many people and businesses and workers making Cardiff the biggest town in Wales and it became the capital in 1955. However, after the decline in demand for coal around the 1980s, Tiger Bay started to go downhill with its many buildings failling into disrepair.  In 1987, Cardiff Bay Development Corporation was created in order to turn the area into place of attraction for the the people of Cardiff and tourists with Techniquest for teaching kids about... well technical stuff... and other leisure pursuits, arts and crafts, the Wales Millennium Centre and more.

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